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Monday, January 08, 2007

Speeding Ticket: Fighting a Speeding Ticket

You can fight a speeding ticket successfully if you follow the tips presented here.

How To Fight A Speeding Ticket Battle
By Markella M. Platinum Quality Author

Cops and prosecutors want all people who get speeding tickets to pay blindly. They have created this money making machine/system to make the most out of everybody who gets a speeding ticket. The good thing is that there's hope and the battle of speeding tickets can be victorious for you if you play by the rules.

So you got a speeding ticket. Relax. It's not the end of the world. It could be. After all the average cost of a speeding ticket reaches an average of $800 in United States! Now, that is a lot of money to pay for a speeding ticket. What can you do? The answer is: Use smart weapons.

First of all remember to never admit guilt. This is critical. The laws are strict and the cop that issued your speeding ticket may remember certain details from the day of the incident. Just try to never admit guilt.

Next, delay is an ally. By all means, try not to go to court. Trust me you don't want to go to there. You can find various excuses for not going to court and delay the procedure. The idea behind this concept is to make it so that the cop will not even remember your case because it will be so far in the past. The longer you wait the better chance the cop won't show up! If you are lucky the officer will be transferred out of your area!

Alright, you've done everything that's humanly possible to avoid going to court but the date approaches. So what do you do if you finally have to go to that scary place?

First try to look and act like a serious human being. Wear a suit. You want to look like you've regretted. Don't look fake though. Be cool and confident.

Check if your cop is in the court. Remember that your cop is the one who must prove that you are guilty. It's his duty to prove guilt in any part of the law or the case will be dismissed. That means you have to take a good look at the actual wording of the code you supposedly violated.

Many judges will have the case dismissed if you agree to attend traffic school. So keep that as a good option if everything else fails. I wish you luck! Who knows? Maybe the cop will not show up after all.

The worst part of a speeding ticket is that your car insurance will increase. That's why it's important to beat the speeding ticket. Here's a proven 5-step way to win in the speeding ticket battlefield. Keep your cash, stop your insurance rates, keep your driving points intact. Get your case dismissed. Grab this Free 27 page ebook on how to beat speeding tickets and never get busted.

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Fight Speeding Tickets!

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Learn how to fight speeding tickets.

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